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All day hands on workshops at Erika's Raw Retreat in
Prince Edward County

Date TBA
9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Erika's Raw Retreat
184 Morrison Point Road
Milford, ON K0K 2P0
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Tel: 613-476-0302



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All Day Hands-On Workshop —Everything you wanted to know about the Raw, Living Foods Lifestyle!

Focusing on:

  • Breathing practices that cleanse your lungs
  • Radiation detoxing foods that cleanse and protect

Experience a day of learning and raw food preparation in the perfectly ‘set up for raw’ kitchen; an intimate environment for a small group of participants, great for beginners and seasoned raw fooders. Here you learn about the important helpful little tricks to ensure success.

In ancient Chinese medicine, the fall season is associated with the element of metal, as well as with the lungs and large intestine of the physical body. Metal represents a time of harvest, when we store food sources rich with energy that will help sustain us through the harsher months.

Our bodies are more susceptible to illness in the fall because of increased dampness in the air and the shift to cooler temperatures. That’s why we see more cases of colds and flu during these months. What better time to focus on a lifestyle that helps us build a strong immune system? Of all the study of detoxing methods, there is often little focus on detoxing the lungs. However, the Taoists stress the importance of the lungs as both a source of energy and a channel for detoxing. According to Mantak Chia, a Taoist master, most toxins go out via the lungs.

Regardless of where we live, we breathe in unclean air. Our house interiors are often more polluted than the outdoors. We ingest toxins in many ways, and every day we are exposed to radioactive radiation.

But there is good news! We can do a lot to minimize the negative effects of toxins and radiation.


retreat meal


In addition to living as healthfully as possible, we can choose foods that maximize health by neutralizing the effects of radiation. Sign up for this workshop to learn how breathing and diet can help you cleanse and protect.

On our day together we explore: Recipes for sumptuous dishes made from a balance of wholesome ingredients, including warming spices. Ingredients: there are specific foods that protect and maximize the preservation of health and specifically neutralize the effects of radiation.

  1. Green drink or smoothies, great to start the day
  2. Breakfast dishes from oatmeal porridge to the famous Erika breakfast
  3. with freshly made nut or seed milk
  4. Quick and easy blended raw soups and how to make food taste good with the 5 tastes
  5. Basic and quick dressings
  6. Savoury and rich nut pates with gravy
  7. Apple Crumble

Space is limited to 6 participants; a $50.00 deposit will hold your space.

Participants receive a workshop booklet with
Both raw and cooked warming winter soups.

Date TBA , 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

$158:00 A $50.00 deposit is required to hold your spot

Erika's Raw Retreat
184 Morrison Point Road
Milford, ON K0K 2P0
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613-476-0302 or email: erika@powerofraw.com to register or for more information.







Nourish and cherish your body with Erika Wolff, Certified Health Educator

For more information about Erika's workshops and lectures series please contact erika@powerofraw.com

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