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A Transformational Series to Health

Autum Cleansing and Detoxing Program
Bi-Weekly Classes    Bi-Weekly free Conference calls


Bi-Weekly classes

Erika's Raw Retreat
184 Morrison Point Road
Milford, ON K0K 2P0
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Get Your Green ON

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This intro will be a springboard to bi-weekly classes at Erika’s house in beautiful Black River for ongoing guidance and learning, raw food prep demo with food samples and recipes.   Based on the Hippocrates Health Institute Principles of Health:  Learn about Detoxing, Weight Loss, Juicing and “Youthing” to have the best energy ever.
Eating raw is a wonderful way to reconnect with your body – and the planet. Eliminating cooked and processed foods from your diet will leave you feeling stronger, lighter and more refreshed. You will have increased energy, better digestion, and a healthier immune system. Your weight will drop, your complexion will clear – and best of all, you won’t have to give up great-tasting food! Flavour, enjoyment, variety and satisfaction are all on the living foods menu.

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Why do raw foods make us feel so good?

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A series based on the Hippocrates Health Institutes Principles of Health. Erika is a Hippicrates certified health educator.

Life Transformation Program at Hippocrates Health Institute


Bi-Weekly Classes

At Erika's Raw Retreat
184 Morrison Point Road
Milford, ON K0K 2P0



Format for the Series:
Erika’s brief series of bi-weekly classes may be just the spring tonic you need! As a certified Hippocrates Health Institute educator with more than 18 years of experience, Erika has developed this unique learning opportunity to appeal to newcomers and experienced ‘raw fooders’ alike.

Three bi-weekly classes will be held at Erika’s house in beautiful Black River, and each will be followed up a week later with a conference call to provide ongoing guidance and support.

Although each class stands on its own, Erika suggests a commitment to the series; getting to know other participants and meeting more experienced raw fooders is fun, and oh so very inspirational.

Recipe demonstrations with food sampling is part of every class, as well as hand-outs to build a handsome binder with information and recipes, a resource you will draw on in years to come.
Recipes are Gluten, Dairy, and Sugar free Raw Foods.

“Finally, a lifestyle that does have all the answers, no guessing - trusted, tried and true.  Once you give eating raw a try, your life will never be the same. Making a lifestyle change is always a challenge, but solid ongoing support with a strong focus on the emotional aspects of this personal journey make success absolutely possible.”

Introduction to the Raw Food Lifestyle.
 The pH Imbalance, Acid and Alkaline Principles
Class 1, 6:30 – 9:30 pm

There are many seemingly contradictory schools of thought about what constitutes ‘healthy eating’. From this potentially confusing diversity of views, Erika has created practical classes that are simple to understand and easy to follow. Free of many restrictions and complicated formulas, Erika’s program is designed to help you embrace joyful and natural eating. Although brief, it is packed with enough knowledge to give you a solid foundation that will provide a springboard for your intuition and creativity.
The pH Imbalance, Acid and Alkaline Principles
We will take a close look at acid/alkaline principles and how to identify acid and alkaline forming foods.
At least 80% of the food we eat should produce alkaline compounds when digested, while 20% is left for acid-forming foods

Main Topics:
• A tour through the raw kitchen, equipment used, many of which you   already have.
• Recipe demonstrations and sampling, Smoothies, Breakfast Dishes, Raw Soups. Great ideas to get you started in a gentle way. Focus is on adding healthy foods, not taking away.
• Tips on shopping, how to economically stock your fridge and pantry.
• Handling and storing of produce, planning ahead.
• Creating your own Food Journal

Menu Sample
Carrot-Ginger Soup with Julienne Vegetables
Portobello Kebabs with Asian Slaw
Avocado Chocolate Mousse

salad image

Class II
Quick and Easy Raw -
Grow your own Probiotics, Sauerkraut and Kimche

Fermented foods are part of the living foods lifestyle program for important reasons. They are easily digested because they are already partially digested by the action of enzymes and healthy bacteria. Rich in these enzymes, fermented foods help digest the other foods eaten.  Perhaps the cleansing effect is the greatest benefit, building beneficial bacteria in the small and large intestines. 

Main Topics:
Learn how to make Sauerkraut, fermented veggies and Kimchi
Great lunch ideas.  Planning ahead is key; having marinated dishes, great salad dressings prepared is a vital component to success. 

Menu Sample:
Creamy Carrot Asparagus Soup
Quinoa Taboule
Moroccan Carrot Salad


Class III
Dehydrating, Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes

Dehydrated foods are a staple for ‘Raw Fooders’ and a practical, tasty way to welcome newcomers to embrace this great lifestyle. Foods are dehydrated at low temperatures to achieve a tasty texture while preserving nutrients and enzymes; delicate flavourings are protected. You will learn how to prepare crackers and breads, nut patties and burgers. There will be a strong focus on how to organize and plan ahead.

Demonstration and sampling of many new recipes for dehydrated crackers,
flat bread, cookies.

Memu Samples
Cream of Corn Soup
Sicilian Pizza
Wild Greens and Sprout Salad


Class IV
Delicious Lunch and Dinner Ideas
Focus on Protein and Calcium, Supplementing

Together we’ll explore ways to stay committed to this great lifestyle with a focus on the emotional aspects. In this exciting workshop we look at the challenges that present themselves, not only to newcomers but to seasoned raw fooders as well.
When we come home late and tired, complicated recipes that take a long time to prepare can easily overwhelm us, leaving us discouraged. That is why we focus on quick and easy to prepare recipes that ensure that we receive all the nourishment our bodies require. By now you will be comfortable with dehydrating crackers, breads, burgers and patties, important staples you will want to have on hand.
While we rely on fresh food sources to meet dauiy nutrients requirements, whole food supplements and superfoods are complimentaary to one’s diet.

One of the BIG questions that often arise is: “How do I get enough protein, enough calcium.” I will cover this in detail. You will be amazed at how much of both are contained in the foods we eat and the juices we drink on this lifestyle.

Main Topic
• Demonstration and sampling of a scrumptious raw meal
• Q. & A. Session

Menu Sample:
Cashew Celery Soup
Broccoli in Hoisini Sauce with Parsnip Rice
Chocolate, Banana Ice cream

Why do raw foods make us feel so good?

Fresh, uncooked foods help you regain and maintain optimum health because:

  • They allow continuous cleansing and rebuilding.
  • They detoxify the digestive tract, and allow your body to use nutrients more fully.
  • They provide a continual supply of oxygen, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, alkalinity and bioelectrical charges that at vital to cellular health.

Living foods feed our bodies in the way that nature intended. Our bodies are genetically and physiologically equipped to metabolize only natural, whole foods. Eating fragmented, refined foods, from which essential synergistic and complex elements have been removed, leads to biochemical imbalances, metabolic disorders, and degenerative disease.

Our bodies are simply not equipped to process refined, concentrated foods. Continuous injection of such foods places a great strain on many organs and glands. White sugar, for example, is already an empty-calorie food, stripped of vitamins and minerals. But in order to digest it, our bodies must use up even more vitamins and minerals, leading to deficiencies and imbalances in our own stores of vital nutrients.

The Journey to Health
If you are ready to make the commitment to better health and well-being, and to live in greater harmony with Mother Earth, now is the time to begin making the transition to the living foods lifestyle.

Be prepared to be patient with yourself: we all have deep emotional ties to cooked food, and it can take years to completely change our eating patterns. Start slowly – it took a long time to get where you are right now, and it may take even longer to fully embrace the living foods diet.

Keep in mind that your investment in healthy eating will pay big dividends. A friend of mine, who has been a yoga teacher for many years, reports that “After being on the living foods diet for several months, I am finally able to do the pose that I have not been able to do all these years.” My friend’s flexibility has been boosted by the alkalizing nature of the raw diet, which has gently removed acids from the joints, allowing greater agility and movement of the body. I myself feel that I have more energy now that I had when I was a girl of eighteen.

I warmly invite you to come with me on this exciting journey, to reconnect with your body and the planet, and become part of this gentle, yet powerful, movement that is sweeping the land.

Erika Wolff is a Certified Health Educator who has studied at the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute with Brian Clement and Viktoras Kulviniskas. She brings the teachings and experience of the Institute to her dietary lifestyle, which embraces the natural way of eating. Her courses, seminars, lifestyle coaching and private/family counseling services cover a complete range of health, diet and food preparation concepts, designed to help participants gently begin a more healthful lifestyle. Erika will surprise you with the immense diversity of the Living Foods Diet, as she passes along her knowledge of making the “power of raw” work for you and those you care about.


What is the Living Foods Diet?

The living food diet eliminates all meat and dairy products, as well as refined, processed, canned and cooked foods.  It features unprocessed, uncooked, organic foods that include:
--Vegetables including roots and sea-vegetables)
--Fruits and green juices
--Sprouts and unprocessed grains
--Nuts and seeds
--Herbs and spices
--Wild-crafted, fermented and dried foods


613-476-0302 or email: to register or for more information.





Nourish and cherish your body with Erika Wolff, Certified Health Educator

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