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“It’s all a question of story. We are in trouble just now because we do not have a story. We are in between stories. The old story, the account of how we fit into it, is no longer effective. Yet we have not learned the new story.”
Thomas Berry, The Dream of the Earth

I grew up in a paradise of gently rolling hills, forests full of wonder and surprises, hills filled with apple, pear, and plum trees and a majestic walnut tree, a gentle murmuring brook with crystal clear water to drink, and a wonderful meadow filled with tall grasses, wildflowers and insects. I loved to lie down and hide, listening to the music about me, watching clouds in the deep blue sky, with unquestioning childhood wisdom knowing on a deep level the interconnectedness of all. This very memory of the rich meadow is my deep bond to Thomas Berry who has with his teachings at the annual colloquia at Port Burwell and in his writings, deepened and heightened my love for the earth.

My father, a naturalist, on Sundays would take us into the hills and forests to teach us to see. To appreciate, to love, to protect, and to care. I lost my mother when I was an infant but in taking me into the hills, my father gave me back a mother, the earth mother.

Now a health educator, I give workshops in which I share my love and hope to bring to life and consciousness out ancient body wisdom and ancient body longings for the gifts of the earth. Fresh. Unadulterated raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables, sprouts, wild crafted foods are my tools. Holding a tiny sprouted grain in my hand I am in awe, its knowledge unfolding, holding in its alive-being the Universe Story, the Cosmic Unfolding. Wisdom so great, love in its giving, inviting us to gracious interactive bliss. We know each other; we are part of the dance, evolved together over the millennia, immense in giving and taking, guiding us to recover our sense of wonder.

Our bodies have great knowledge; with planetary consciousness rising that deep wisdom is indeed reawakened. Ancient tribal knowledge is surfacing from deep within us, supported by the foods we choose to eat, with Ur-food, light-food, feeding the inner light in perfect symbiosis. At first there is but a glimmer, a spark, the body reacting in surprise, perhaps feeling threatened, grumbling, heaving like tectonic plates being moved by energy from deep within, creating new. Indeed, in this process creating “light workers” who work on behalf of Mother Earth, lovingly supporting her in this great struggle of change, on our searching to find the new story. Our physiology is still that of caveman, our bodies do not know how to utilize most of the processed, denatured, coloured, toxic foods and respond with reduced energy and often ill health.

After many years of studying various different modalities of how to best feed the body, I have come to experience the incredible sense of well-being, increase in energy and vitality, joy and inner peace that is created by being on a vegetarian live food diet, in other words, by eating most of my food raw. Eating raw is process that cleanses the physical, the emotional and the spiritual body, although not necessarily always in this order. Eating becomes a sacrament again, a caring for oneself in a most loving way. It opens one up, it reconnects, it humbles in the love and giving of the earth to us. This perhaps is the very first step towards a new story unfolding.

I detected in myself that craving for food often is nothing more than the soul's prompting for recognition and desire to reconnect with our ancient Ur-self. When the first white men came to this Continent, the Natives said: “There must be something wrong, these people think with their heads.” I think it is imperative that we make a move back into our bodies. Trust in its innate wisdom and learn to listen; the body never lies. This listening ability will not happen overnight. For a body to give correct messages it has to be cleansed and healthy. An unhealthy body will project cravings, mostly for sugar and starches. Infants and children raised on a natural diet know instinctively what to eat, including soil from the garden. An all-raw diet will restore the body back to its healthful, natural state. I always recommend beginning the transition in a gentle and loving way; in fact it might take from seven to twenty years to be totally successful. Changing ones diet from an all cooked and processed one to a raw one is not an easy road to take, there are deep emotional ties, in fact we are addicted to cooked food, I share this from experience.

But nothing, I promise you, will give you this incredible sense of being alive, vitality, energy and joy. It is, and I say this with deep passion and conviction, the greatest way towards optimum health and aliveness into high age.

As a certified Health Educator, trained at the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, I promote and teach a ratio of 80% raw and 20% cooked food.







The Dominican Children’s Party

Dear Friends of Dominican Children
A thank you to all who have so generously donated at my workshops to the Dominican Children’s Christmas Party and Education fund.

For the past eight years my daughter Angie Wolff and some of her Dominican friends have organized a Christmas party for the neediest Dominican children. Angie’s office manager Soccoro spends many a day going into the Barrios, interviewing the families and registering the poorest of the poor children for the annual Christmas party, 150 in total.150 presents according to gender and age were bought, 150 boxed lunches were prepared, lemonade made.

A lovely Dominican woman, Juana Hobel the founder, provided her house and garden for the party and 150 chairs were rented and lined up. It was such a delight for me to take part in the party this year for the first time, to see the rows of children was like looking into a flower garden, and to experience how very well they behaved was something to behold.

Santa Claus, arriving on a burro was greeted with screeches of delight and laughter. This dear man sat for two hours talking to each child, never tiring even to the last one. All of this is volunteer work. This year there was money left to prepare a big food bag for 6 of the poorest families. It allowed us as well to outfit many of the very poorest children with school uniforms, shoes and basic school material. Without this the children are not allowed to attend school.

Look at the delightful photos; pictures tell more that a thousand words. 

Thank you again,





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