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Raw Juice Fasting and Ritual Retreat

Come to the County for a Rejuvenating and Revitalizing Weekend! 



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Raw Juice Fasting and Ritual Retreat

Date TBA

Part I: The Ritual Retreat

In this workshop, we will be guided by the deep ecology tools and practices of the following resources:

THINKING LIKE A MOUNTAIN Learn about this book »

Towards a Council of All Beings
Created by John Seed, Joanna Macy, Pat Fleming and Arne Naess Learn about The Council »

Our Council for All Beings Retreat will open us to the universality of life within us, reshape our internal landscape, and leave us with a sense of belonging and interconnectedness.

“We need the immense variety of sources of joy opened through increased sensitivity toward the richness and diversity of life, through the profound cherishing of free natural landscapes.”
   – Arne Naess

For years, this Retreat has been close to my heart. I have wanted to lead a Council ever since I participated in one with John Seed. It is with his encouragement and permission that it is now coming into being. My home, surrounded by trees, meadow and wild places, and nestled close to Prince Edward Bay, is a good place for our gathering. Weather permitting, the Council will be held both indoors and out.

“When one thinks like a mountain, one thinks also like the black bear, so that honey dribbles down your fur as you catch the bus to work.”
John Seed

There is a ‘wanting this to happen’ energy, a sacred interconnectedness revealing itself in the land, the lake and the trees. There is a desire for learning emerging from our hearts and bodies. In the Council for All Beings we’ll go much deeper than the exchange of ideas because this Retreat is based on the premise that we already possess within us the knowledge we need, and what is necessary is to bring it to conscious awareness.

When we hear the earth speak to us we are transformed and come to understand our actions from a new perspective.
Our weekend will consist of Rituals, Drumming, Mask Making, Gia Meditations, Poems, Invocation around the fire and a Cleansing Ritual.


Guidelines for a Council of All Beings Workshop

  • We will create a council circle over the weekend to speak on behalf of other species.
  • We will go through a series of rituals, readings and movement. Through these, we will open ourselves to the universality of life within us. We will shake off our solely human identification and for a while imaginatively enter the experience of another life form. We will choose – or let ourselves be chosen-- by another species. We will stretch to see and feel what lies just barely beyond our human knowing.
  • Mask making will be part of this ritual to represent your life form. Donning our masks, we will be invited to speak.
  • The closing of our Council for All Beings will take a ritual form. The time and the sharing we have done together will continue in our thoughts as part of our internal landscape, reminding us of our larger, truer, ecological self.
  • This will also be a Fasting weekend (please see “Part II, Raw Juice Fasting, below), where the focus will shift from food to introspection and a questioning of sustainability, healing and empowering. It is an invitation to explore our separation from nature, which is at the root of the destruction of the forests and the poisoning of the seas and soil. Fasting with a proven regime of wheatgrass, freshly prepared green juices and herbal teas, we will feel the powerful healing benefits of cleansing and detoxification.

As we fast, we will engage in exercises to help make us more conscious of our food supply, and our place in the web of life. They will help us remember our bio-ecological history as a species evolved through four and a half billion years of our planet’s life. As our alienation disappears, we will no longer be outsiders, but part of the interconnection that sustains us.

Part II: Raw Juice Fasting
At this workshop we will fast for three days on raw green juices made with sprouts grown at the Retreat, green organic vegetables from nearby “Vicki’s Veggies,” and a morning shot of freshly harvested wheatgrass.

This fasting workshop includes guidelines to prepare for the fasting retreat and steps for a gentle re-integration.

You will be fasting from Friday to Friday. Upon registration, participants will receive their preparation guidelines

Preparation for the Fasting Retreat. To fully experience the benefit of the Fasting weekend, I suggest that you prepare yourself about two to three weeks prior with a gentle and easy-to-implement regime. You will feel the benefits in a very short time; this alone is the incentive for change. The more you prepare yourself, the more benefits you will reap, but even if you decide only to do the three-day fast, you will experience a huge health benefit.

I invite you wholeheartedly to give this a try for the most satisfying results. And please note, these are suggestions only; the choice is yours to make. The cleanse is designed to rid your body of accumulated toxins and might be the incentive to embrace a new and healthier lifestyle, perhaps explore the Living Food Lifestyle, or deepen your experience.

Your choice:
The Three-Day Fast only - OR - The Three Phases Cleanse:

Phase I: One-week "wind down" preparation
Phase II: Three -day fast
Phase III: One week of "reintegration"

You will be fasting from Friday to Friday.

Upon registration, you will receive the program based on the lifestyle that I teach. This includes an evening conference call to answer your questions and concerns

This workshop is designed to demystify Fasting and Internal Cleansing. I can only tell from my own experience that nothing is more effective for your body’s Detoxing than a regular, one-day-a-week fasting on fresh green juices. This can be your lead into a longer fast.

What is a Toxin? A toxin can be any kind of substance that causes damage to the body, creating intolerances, allergies, a feeling of not being quite well. We are in contact with toxins from the water we drink and bathe in, the food we eat and the air we breathe. The most insidious toxins are not seen, leaving us unaware of the grave risks. The good news is that when we are given the proper tools and environment, the human body is a self-healing and self-rejuvenating organism. You can acquire optimum health through using live, enzyme rich foods to detoxify your body and renew and build all of your cells.

We cannot reverse our chronological age, but we can reverse our biological age. Fasting with green, fresh juices is one of the powerful tools to achieve that. Fasting has a powerful healing influence on the body, increasing energy and extending life.

“Damaged, deteriorating tissues demand the stopping of the old ways of doing things and requires you to adopt new ways. Toxic tissues need elimination. We find that repair and rebuilding cannot take place unless we have the proper foods to go with it.”
Dr. Bernard Jensen

I will give you the tools; the rest is up to you. Take charge and resolve to make this part of your lifestyle!


I invite you to read the heartwarming testimonials click here».

Cost: CN $345.00 +HST (accomodation not included). Register now to reserve your spot ($100 deposit required payable to Erika Wolff, and mail to 184 Morrison Point Road Milford, ON K0K 2P0.

Accommodations available $70 - $90 at Colleen Cottage B&B
Rita Taylor 613-476-7346, Jackson Falls B&B Peter and Nancy Fleck 613-476-8576,

Swingate Gardens
Bed & Breakfast/Guesthouse

965 County Road 13
Milford, ON K0K 2P0

Tell them it is for Erika's Raw Retreat workshops.

For more B&B listings go to bbcanada.com and search Bloomfield, Milford, Picton or Wellington.

Contact: Erika Wolff 613-476-0302

Location: Erika's Raw Retreat
184 Morrison Point Road
Milford, ON K0K 2P0

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Dear participants, if you wish to share a ride or room please let me know and I will pass on the info.

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