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Heartwarming testimonials about the retreat weekends



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The view from the retreat room


Future Retreats:

Detoxification – A Fasting Retreat Weekend!

January 15th - 17th

Friday 4:00 pm to Sunday 4:00pm

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"Thanks again for such a delightful and enlightening weekend. It was so nice to be around others who are like-minded and positive about taking care of their health. You are such an inspiration and I am glad my car knows the way to your house now. I look forward to attending more of your events."

Peace and hugs,


Good Morning Erika
"My gratitude fills my heart for all that you shared with us this weekend.  I feel as though I have been reborn. The peace of mind I feel this morning is pure joy.  When I awoke, one of the first thoughts that came to mind was, how wonderful for Erika to awaken and walk into her living room to be greeted with the sunshine beaming through her magnificent living room windows.  How can you not but feel connected to God when this is your view every morning, the serenity of the lake, the sound of the wind, the brightness of a new day."

With all of my heart I send you my deepest gratitude. L.E.


"Thanks again Erika for last weekend.  It is all I have been able to talk about this week. Whenever I find myself getting a little anxious I simply transport myself back to Prince Edward County."


"You have opened my mind to a whole new exciting world.  I did not have any idea I could feel so energized."

Thank you very very much Erika. L.P.   


"I feel that the retreat weekend provided me with the tools I need to implement more nutrient rich raw foods into my diet which was my purpose in attending....... not to mention providing me with other valuable information. Hands on learning is the method that works for me best which I received during the retreat as well." 







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